1/ What is the difference between an Advertiser and a Publisher?

A Publisher is a person or entity (company) who owns the leasing rights to this entire website template that we will customize for them.
An Advertiser is a company who chooses to advertise on this Publisher’s website.

2/ What do I receive if I become a Publisher?

Leasing rights to this website, allows you as the Publisher, to have all of the following included in your plan at NO EXTRA COST:
1/ You will receive lease ownership to this branding website and customized for your business.  We can delete any image should you so decide.

2/ Prime, top HOME PAGE positioning of display promo image and content.
3/ Reservation of the entire home page will be designated to your brand and your choice of advertisers for the home page in addition to your top of page featured design inserts for your selected city.
4/ Your Promo designed ADs linked to your primary website.

5/ Customization and personalization of the promo video. Preview demo near the top of the home page.
6/ AD insertions by companies who wish to advertise on your site for the cost of ($1 a day) $365 annually from which $150 from each AD placed on your site will be made payable to you for as long as they advertise.
Example: 25 ADs earns a site Publisher $3,750 annually in addition to possible leads/referrals from advertisers toward your own business as each company advertised has their own circle of customers. 250 ADs earns the Publisher $37,500.
7/ We suggest to sell the top AD space under each city to a real estate agent or realtor or home service company for $730 with 2nd year free!
Real Estate Agents or Realtors would likely be best choice as they normally have a broader range of home service contacts. You could offer companies with 3 months free advertising who have provided you with a successful referral. As a Publisher, you will receive $350 for each $730
“top of page AD” sold from each city listed.  
Top of Page advertiser under each city will receive:  
1/ Display Ad linked to their primary website,
2/ Insert of a ready made “Home for Sale” video or video representing their business or brand, and;
3/ Home Gallery slide show of listed properties and or other photos / images they would like added. The slide show gallery will allow up to 10 photos / images that we will insert and launch with 48 hours following receiving them from the advertiser. YOU, as publisher will be able to reserve your city of choice to also have these three features above applied to your brand at no added cost.
8/ UP TO 100 AD placements may be inserted under each city listed to build revenue and help grow your brand and referrals.  
9/ All Custom Display AD design and link up from all companies choosing to place and AD on your site.
10/ First year cost of domain name registration. $10 for second year.

11/ 24/7/365 – Year-round hosting.  Remains free!
Our tech team does everything for you with behind-the-scenes management, setup, maintenance … and it always remains FREE!
– High Performance up time
– Daily Backups
– Free Email
– SSL Site security
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– Dedicated IP Address
– Managed WordPress
– GOOGLE SEO visibility
– Google Analytics Integration
– Ai SEO Optimizations
– eCommerce Features
– 0% Transaction Fees
– 20+ Payment Methods for advertisers
– Enhanced DDoS Protection
– Web Application Firewall
– Cloudflare Protected Nameservers
– Malware Scanner
– Secure Access Manager
– Free Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection ($9.99 value)
– Online Customer Support – 24/7

3/ What is the cost if I become a Publisher?

Choosing to become a Publisher allows you the option to pay in one transaction today or have three other home service companies to join you in this mutually rewarding mission of branding and growing your companies in and outside of your communities.

Should you decide to enroll by way of the second option – this Web Portal site will be free. In this case, all you need to do is secure three selected home service advertisers who would agree to pay you $365 a year ($1) a day for their display AD which will be designed and inserted on the home page of this web portal with prime positioning. That will cover the cost to launch your customized web portal site … at no cost to you.

BONUS for your first three advertisers.

To show your gratitude to your “three initial team advertising partners only” who made owning your Web Portal Site possible, you will agree to allow them to receive the next five subsequent years of advertising on your Web Portal Site for FREE!

In addition, each of the three advertisers will be given the option to also obtain their own web portal site as a Publisher using the same method of inviting three advertisers on board with them to cover “their” initial cost the same way you may have selected to do.

Each advertiser shall agree to allow “you” to have your business display AD inserted on their newly launched web portal site for the next five subsequent years at no charge as a good will reciprocal exchange.

The other option of course is to order this Web Portal Site today and reach out to home service companies at your own pace.

If that is what you would like to do … then please use promo code “getbranded” to save $100 reducing the Publisher Web Portal cost from $1,095 to $995.

4/ Why would companies be drawn to Advertise on my home service web portal site?

There are several reasons why a company would be compelled to want to advertise on your Web Portal Site.

1/ As the popularity grows with site visitation because of your site’s resourceful, feature rich platform, companies recognize the benefits and rewards for branding and growing their business once they themselves browse the site. Companies understand that its human nature to want to share great finds on the net … and this most certainly is one of them.

Just where they want to be – just as the site is being launched for prime AD positioning. Everyone has their own circle of family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances that like to share with others. YouTube is proof of that.

2/ Each advertiser will benefit from an EXCLUSIVE AD – meaning no other businesses in that particular business category will be accepted.

3/ Each advertiser will receive their 2nd year of advertising free. Your first three advertisers can receive up to 5 years free – but we leave that up to you!

4/ Each advertiser will also have their Display Ad created by our design team … all included in their advertising cost of $365 annual ($1 a day)

5/ Each advertiser will be granted customization and personalization of our Promo Video AD which may be inserted on their primary website.

6/ Each advertiser will have the option to also receive a FREE Web Portal Site under the method described in section 3 above.


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